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 Are you ready to become a Extraordinary Coach for yourself and serving others?


Are you a high achiever  and natural born leader who is destined to have a greater impact, increase your finances and change lives?


Become a superior communicator, thought leader, and change maker to build instant rapport, negotiate effectively and thrive in all your relationships. 

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Attend virtually in 2024

April 3-7

June 5-9

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You’re a high achiever and natural leader who's ready to take your life to the next level -  with better relationships, fulfilling career and meaningful experiences.


You have a burning desire to make an impact, change peoples lives and leave this world a better place. 


You're ready to trade in old patterns that keep you stuck, stagnate and procrastinating with feeling motivated, intentional and aligned with your purpose. 


You want to step into the compelling vision you've held for your future and unlock your success strategies.


And you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future to make it happen!

Wow! An amazing experience. Do it if you want to be a coach. Do it for your career to be an exceptional leader and stand out in your industry. Do it to reach your goals. Do it for your family, for the people you love, for the people around you. Do it to blow out any negative behaviours and emotions you might have. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Chris is an amazing coach, apart from being an amazing friend, I’ve known him for over 20 years, I trust him implicitly.

He wants to serve you and he cares about you as a client, and his hugs are the best.

Do it to do your life’s best work!

- Mary Sayed, Master NLP Coach, Copywriter Consultant & Senior Bid Writer 


The NLP training was an amazing experience for both personal and professional growth.

One of the biggest takeaways was that I learned how to be at cause in my life and not the effect, with tools for how to respectfully disarm the negative voice in my head.

Chris is a firm but fair Coach that is 110% dedicated to ensuring that you get what you desire. I left feeling like a million dollars with more confidence in all areas of my life.

Since completing the training, I have moved from teacher to head teacher, increased my income, started coaching clients part-time and developed healthier boundaries in my relationships. 

It has also been fulfilling to be invited to be an Assistant Coach at the training events supporting the students. 

- Magdalena Georgiou, Master NLP Coach & Head Teacher

This training has blown my mind, I have a full toolkit of skills to better communicate, feel more empowered and follow through on my goals. Prior to this course, I doubted whether I could actually achieve the visions for the life I dreamed of having for myself and my family. I know now that I am a better wife, mother, daughter and person after attending this program. And I feel bulletproof in creating the life that inspires me while also taking care of my family.

I have walked away from this training with so much more than I ever thought I would receive.

Since completing the training I have negotiated two pay rises, started a new online business, increased my income and started working with clients.

And I've been working with Chris and Aleni as an Assistant Coach to support future students in transforming their lives and starting their Coaching businesses. 

- Kelly McDonnell, Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnosis & Practice Manager


Imagine Having..


  • A clear vision for your future with a non-negotiable commitment to show up for yourself.

  • A career or business that lights you up, brings you meaning and fulfilment, while having a positive impact on others. 

  • A strong mindset that is focused, grounded and intentional because you’ve learned the strategy that allows you to stay in control.

  • Confidence to be visible, influential and make a difference without the self doubt.

  • Know how to release negative emotions for new possibilities to be awakened - in your life and for your clients. 

  • A strategy to stand out as an Exceptional Leader and Coach - building instant rapport, positively influencing others and deepening your relationships.

  • A world-class Coaching Certification to attract happy paying clients that rave about you.

  • A process for removing limiting beliefs that have blocked you from stepping into your full potential. 

  • A model to remove inner conflicts so that you are intentional, focused and clear about the direction of your life. 

  • A toolkit with fast, effective and empowering techniques to regulate your emotions and eliminate unwanted behaviours.

  • A step-by-step coaching roadmap to get outstanding and predictable results for your clients - every time!

  • A framework to set clear boundaries for yourself to avoid burnout.


I’m a high-achieving entrepreneur and I’ve generated over 30 million dollars USD in sales online, and Mr Chris Lianos has been an integral part of my success. 

When I attended this event, it absolutely blew up the stagnant energy I was experiencing and I was able to break through a lot of my own limiting beliefs holding me back from other areas of my life. This allowed me to bring through the version of myself that I’d been looking for, imagining and visualising for many years. 

I attribute this to Chris’s passion, integrity, and genuine passion to serve his students. Chris is a dear friend of mine that I’ve known for more than 13 years and I really appreciate what he’s doing with this movement.

Make sure you come as well because you’re going to learn some powerful and life-changing stuff that you won’t learn from anyone else in the world! And you can make an impact being a Coach who uses language to empower, create changes that last and get results for your clients. 

Mitch Sanders - Master NLP Coach, Multi 7 Figure Coach and Business Owner 

What's included in your

NLP Training Program

You Get 3 International Certifications


Certification 1

NLP Practitioner Certification

Expand your skillset for becoming a world class Coach, superior communicator, thought leader, and influencer to build instant rapport, negotiate effectively and thrive in all your relationships. 


You will learn how to:

  • Effectively Negotiate: How to achieve agreement with anyone in a short period of time.
  • Build Rapport: How to take control of a room and build instant liking and agreement for your point of view.
  • Access your Inner Programs:  How to use the programming software of your unconscious mind with submodalities to understand yourself and create the changes you desire. 
  • Communicate with Intention: How to use words in an elegant method to master communication and delivery of your point with language patterns.
  • Anchor Feelings you Want: How to control your state instantly and take control of your reactions to life.
  • Lead with Strategy: How to control the sequence of internal programming that creates the results in your life.
  • Integrate Internal Conflict: How to integrate conflicts at the unconscious level so you are aligned and authentic to your vision and actions.
Certification 2

NLP Coaching Certification 

A Coaching framework to build your thriving Coaching business with a clear roadmap for how to support your clients so that they achieve results. You can start working with clients with confidence, earn more money and change people's lives immediately after you complete the training.


Learn the framework to create astonishing results for your clients:

  • Change people's lives with fast, effective and empowering processes.
  • Sell your services with confidence and handle objections. 
  • Get to the root cause of any problem with laser-focused techniques.
  • A 7-week step-by-step coaching program you can follow to start working with clients the very next day you complete the program.
Certification 3

Time Line Therapy® Certification 

Laser focused techniques to remove limiting beliefs, negative emotions and create a clear vision for your future that feels more grounded, tangible and actionable to fulfil your potential.


How you can use Time Line Therapy to;

  • Release Negative Emotions such as Anger, Sadness and Fear from any event in your past to create more empowered states for living your life. 
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs you have about yourself or your ability to succeed so that you can step into your potential.
  • Install Powerful Goals into your future that you are compelled to manifest that are specific and actionable for getting your happy ending.

Enrol in NLP Coach Certification Training today.

Attend virtually in 2024

April 3-7

June 5-9

September 4-8

Payment Plan Deposit


+ 5 x $600USD/month ($3997USD)


Pay in Full



Still thinking about it?

This is PERFECT if you are… 

  • An Aspiring or Established Coach who’s ready to sell out your services with a proven framework that gets predictable results and raving client testimonials.
  • An Employee with the entrepreneurial spirit who is ready to climb to the next level and step into your potential as an Exceptional Leader.
  • An Entrepreneur with a big heart who is ready to scale their business to the next level, sell with ease and confidently serve your clients.
  • A Visionary who knows the value of investing in yourself, expanding your skillset and achieving high performance. 

This is NOT for you if… 

  • You’re not open to changing, learning or expanding your way of thinking.
  • You don’t want to be challenged or release limiting beliefs. 
  • You’re not ready to take control of your experiences and outcomes in your life.
  • You want a ‘do it for you’ cure and aren’t ready to work for your results. All testimonials are based on clients who have shown up 100% to take ownership of their life and results to succeed.
  • You have trouble following instructions and sticking to a framework to get results.
  • You don't want to be held accountable for your actions and are addicted to playing the role of victim in your life. 
  • You don’t want to be supported or be part of a community that asks what else is possible.

Enrol in NLP Coach Certification Training today.

Attend virtually in 2024

April 3-7

June 5-9

September 4-8

Payment Plan Deposit


+ 5 x $600USD/month ($3997USD)


Pay in Full



We started this journey together and to be honest - who doesn't love spending time out with their partner and growing together!

We are so grateful for every step along the way. It has helped us to communicate better, align our values and totally transformed the intimacy in our relationship - and its made us better parents for our children.

And it gets better as we are creating the life we want for our family while also helping others through our work. We are so grateful that we took this leap of faith together and thank Chris and his team for all his dedication and support. 

Camila and Daniel
Master NLP Coach & Hypnotherapy

Hey, I'm Chris and I can’t wait for you to join us at The Wizard Arises - NLP Coach Certification Training


I’ve been coaching people for over eleven years, impacted over 1000 people from all over the world, written 2 books and host the Naked Mindset Podcast.

I’m married to my beautiful wife, business partner and co-creator of The Wizard Events, Aleni, and together (with Hope the toy Cavoodle), we’ve crafted a boutique and bespoke event unlike anything else you will experience.

Melding the Masculine and Feminine, the Energetics and the Strategy, the Structure and Flow of a successful coaching business, we’ll show you how to bring it all together and have a prosperous business as well as an abundant life. 

You owe it to yourself, to give your business and life the best chance of success. 

It’s time to get motivated and stay that way no matter what comes your way.

It’s time to feel fully aligned, committed and congruent.

It’s time to transform your communication so you can build instant rapport with your clients, business partners and family.

It’s time for you to win in the game of life.


"Thank you Chris Lianos and Aleni Matsas for creating a program for deep inner changes to occur. Chris has an innate ability to create a safe nurturing space that allowed me  to come home to myself, helping me release the Eagle within.

His passion for transforming people’s lives is infectious as he awakens your mind and nurtures your soul. You get to connect with your heart's desires and learn the skills to overcome your blocks so you can achieve your dreams.

This training empowered me to start working with clients as a Coach, Teacher and Healer, increasing my income. 

I used the "Create your Future" setting a goal to complete my Masters of Teaching degree (a childhood dream of mine, that I almost gave up on) - and I literally had my graduation on the exact date I set for myself. This was a huge achievement for me and is just one of the positive outcomes which have transpired from attending this training. 

Another great opportunity has been working as an Assistant Coach at the events, where I get to be a part of the magic and help transform people’s lives!"

- Carmen De Andre, Master NLP Coach, Crystal Healer, Teacher & Case Manager

Still have questions.

Curious to know more?


An amazing experience that helped me to discover the best in myself and others. I have learned the tools and lessons to keep myself going in a positive and purposeful way. I will recall the material to remind myself of everything I learned, to keep it going in my daily life. This course is worth the investment as it is a necessary investment for the rest of your life.

- Susan Zuzarte, NLP Coach & Creative Designer


I needed a change. Working with Chris has been a life changer. I am so grateful to have connected with Chris. I would highly recommend taking the leap of faith. You won’t regret it. Chris, Thank You. I am now ready to take on the world.

Peter Koukoulas - Master NLP Coach, 7 Figure Business Owner and Author of Mortgage Mastery

I cannot recommend this course enough. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your life now, or what you want in your life, this course will help you. If you want to get to the next level in life, if you want more…then you cannot miss this. So get uncomfortable and forget what you think you know and just do it.

- Talia Kaufana, Master NLP Coach, Sales Consultant & Mum