Break the Victimhood Addiction

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Warning: This Book Has Side Effects 

Side effects include:

  • Increased Confidence
  • More Money
  • Greater Self Belief
  • More Happiness and Adventure
  • Deeper Love and Connection

Chris Lianos has one message:

Take Your Power Back


Chris is one of the most sought-after mindset coaches in Australia and the creator of the Wizard NLP Mindset training events. Chris has a gift for helping you awaken your potential, discover your brilliance, and find the core issues keeping you stuck.

Chris brings a unique perspective, expertise, and experience to his coaching and training, tying together both the East and the West in profound ways. He holds a black belt in Karate, is a certified NLP and Hypnosis trainer, Reiki Master, and Kundalini Yoga teacher. When he’s not working with clients, he’s likely to be sitting by the beach with a good book and a skim cappuccino.

Unchained: Break the Victimhood Addiction

If you feel addicted to the drug-like effect of a seminar, book, or guru, you've likely given away your personal power. You might be suffering from victimhood addiction and not even know it. You need the next event, book, or YouTube video to feel motivated and purposeful again.

Unchained: Break the Victimhood Addiction is the definitive book on taking dreams and goals that have been germinating for decades and transforming them into real opportunities by escaping victimhood thinking and taking your power back.

Unchained: Break the Victimhood Addiction will show you how to reconnect to the dreamer inside, to that person with a vision of something special in their life, and give you a proven system to move forward to make that vision a reality.

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Unchained: Free Your Unconscious Mind

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